Month: December 2019

Calling Technical Support For Computer Problems

And how you can help the technician(s) diagnose the problem faster

Computer problems

Computers are really complex machines. As such, there is a lot that can go wrong with a computer and no one likes computer problems – they can be very annoying. Problems that are more serious can even put your work or entertainment on hold. In some cases, you run the risk of losing all your important files – whether they are some work-related documents or your personal photographs and videos. Therefore, when your computer has problems it is very likely that you will call technical support unless you are a computer expert yourself. However, even for computer experts and technicians, troubleshooting can be a headache sometimes. Don’t worry, though because that is why we have written this guide for you – it will help you make things much easier for you and your computer technician both.


Now, you can do a lot on your part to help with the troubleshooting process and the best way to do that is by taking notes. Take note of your computer problems. This will help you get a better understanding of the problem and the better you understand the problem – the clearer you will be able to communicate with your computer technician which in turn means that you can end up saving both time and money on computer repair Jacksonville.

Taking notes

So, what should you note down? Well, you can start by taking note of when the problem happens and ask yourself some questions like:

1.  What were you doing on your computer at that time?

2.  What programs were you running on your computer when the problem happened? Some heavy programs like video games might be the problem here, maybe.

3.  What were your last actions on the computer before the problem? You could have accidentally done something wrong yourself.

4.  Did you change any important settings recently? Sometimes, seemingly unimportant setting changes can have unexpected consequences.

Knowing these things can help a lot. Problems that seem random will not appear so when you finally figure out the pattern. And, your notes can help the technician to reproduce the problem themselves. This way, they will be able to fix your computer faster and more efficiently. Otherwise, diagnosing a problem completely blind can take some time and when you are paying for any service – time is money.

Myths About Computer Repair And The Truth Behind Them!

Debunking some common myths about computer repair

Computers are, relatively speaking, a new thing in the world and they are everywhere. You are probably reading this on a computer, to begin with, and whether that is a computer on your desk or a computer in your pocket – it does not make that much of a difference. Computers have become an integral part of our lives. Yet, we understand so little about them – well, those of us who aren’t computer engineers anyway. As such, we sometimes end up believing many false myths about computers and computer repair in general. This holds equally true for the younger more “tech-savvy” generation as it does for the older generations. Therefore, here are some common myths about computers and computer repair that you might believe to be true and the actual truth behind them:

Myth 1: Magnets are bad for computers

Okay, our first myth is technically true. Magnets can be bad for computers – but not the regular magnets you might find in one’s home or workplace. It takes a really, really powerful magnet to do something to a computer like the ones in MRI machines. Refrigerator magnets are no threats to your computers. So, rest easy and play with magnets around computers as much as you want – they will not delete your data.

Myth 2: Keeping your laptop connected to its charger will reduce its battery life


Before you recharge your laptop’s batteries – you must first drain them completely

Like the first myth that we debunked, this one is also technically true – if you live in the past, that is. Older laptops used to use nickel-metal hydride batteries for which this myth was somewhat true but newer laptops use lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion batteries are the complete polar opposite of this myth, which means that they work best if you keep your laptop connected to its charger and keep the battery charged as much as you can.

Myth 3: No other operating system, other than Microsoft Windows, ever gets infected with viruses

This is 100% not true. The only reason this might seem to be true to some people is that Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used operating system in the world – with millions and millions of users and it completely dwarfs its other competitors like Apple’s Mac and Linux when it comes to these numbers. As such, more viruses are designed to attack the Windows operating systems as compared to Mac or Linux. This does not mean that there are no viruses for the other operating systems because there are and they are just as dangerous as the viruses on Windows.