Month: September 2019

Troubleshooting tips for fixing your own computer

In today’s world of computers, almost everyone needs one and several have multiple. It is just common sense that you are going to have problems with them. As someone who has worked on computer repair, I can give you some tips on following the best programs and procedures to use to eliminate those headaches.

  1. If you are running a version of Windows, keep an antivirus program. If you are short on cash, you can get a great free one called Avast. It will update automatically and you should be asked to scan your machine every week. If you are a heavy user or a lot of people download the file, do it weekly.
  2. Get a program that targets malware. Viruses aren’t the only bad thing out there. And software for getting viruses is not very good for getting other nasties, or simply not getting them. I propose a program called Malverbits that is free. This is a great program that gets rid of a lot of small bandwidth and resource sucking programs residing in your machine.
  3. If your computer starts lazy and the two programs above still don’t fix it, get a program called Slayer. It’s great to help you delete unnecessary files and stop programs running on startups that you don’t even use. This one is free.

Pay attention to your computer. If it starts to get sluggish, don’t blame your internet provider or the store you bought the machine from. Do some basic cleanups first. If you are on the Internet, you are at risk of all sorts of dangerous files that will use your resources for their own gain. Get rid of these programs and revitalize your computer.

Cost of buying an iPad versus renting

No doubt iPads are great tools for meeting planners who want to add interactivity to their events. These are an ideal solution for running conference applications, holding paperless meetings, or for point-of-sale solutions.

While renting an iPad at a conference certainly costs a lot less than buying a new unit, what’s the point of renting in bulk or in the long run? In this situation, would it be better for you to buy the units? What really happens to own a large number of iPads and reuse them in multiple events?

Buying an iPad might be best for you …

You have been planning to use them for multiple years
If you want a brand new device, fresh out of the box
You want to mix and match specific colors
Your team has time to handle logistics (customization, shipping, and security)
You want to offer iPads as rewards after the event

Renting iPads might be best for you …

You want to save money compared to the expense of buying them
You do not have the time or space to handle shipping and logistics
You want professional customization on a large number of iPads
You want easy options for onsite setup and support
You need 4G data and don’t want to deal with managing those data plans
You want 24/7 technology support and contingency plans (additional loss and theft insurance options)